West Coast Recreation Society 

Adult Day Program

"We have a family member who attends West Coast Recreation's Adult Day Program for people with memory issues.  We can't speak highly enough about how much she enjoys it. Always cheerful and encouraging, Jeannine and Mandy are consummate professionals who put great care and attention into every aspect of the program.  The various activities, designed to stimulate and entertain the participants are always well thought out and organized.  Singing, crafts, baking, memory games, exercise, current events, storytelling and gardening are some of the many activities.  Everything is done with a view to encourage participation and enjoyment.  As a volunteer I also enjoy the companionship and laughter, which has been so life giving for our loved one.

This program is much needed in the community where resources are stretched to the limit.  Social interaction in a safe environment is immensely valuable for our Aunt's wellbeing.  It is the only day program that is available to her at this time and we are deeply grateful that she can attend.

Life becomes very narrow for people with memory issues, so a program of this kind is hugely important for socialization and stimulation.  We hope that West Coast Recreation Programs can grow and expand and that it will receive support and funding from the larger community.  We would highly recommend West Coast Recreation Adult Day Program to anyone who has a loved one in the sad circumstance of memory loss." - Gillian


"I'm a spouse and volunteer at West Coast Recreation Adult Day Program.

My husband is a resident in a senior facility.  He looks forward each week to joining other seniors for a busy day of numerous activities at St. Edmunds Church.  Every day starts with coffee and interaction with the others.  Then there are seated exercises, word games, baking or a craft before a nutritious lunch.  The afternoon is generally devoted to a craft, entertainment or singing.  Tea and games end an enjoyable day out.

I, as a volunteer, look forward each week to this gathering of kind, caring seniors.  There are many laughs and interesting challenges presented by Jeannine and Mandy." - Audrey

"As my husband, an early Alzheimer's Disease victim, is a recipient of Adult Day Care Programming with West Coast Recreation, I feel motivated to write a commendation for this program in our community.  The partnership with our parish home of St. Anne's/St. Edmund's helping to provide space and reach into the local community is gratifying indeed.

The program is effectively run and provides therapeutic social and recreational activities in a protective group setting.  Staff are very caring and well qualified in carrying out a well planned day, including lunch each week.  They communicate extremely well with family such as myself so we are able to make use of much needed respite time.

It seems apparent the need for this superior local service is growing in our community and is very suited to helping early dementia victims and caregivers.  I can only say we are extremely thankful to have received West Coast Recreation's weekly help and would so appreciate any more time that might be available in the future." - Jeanette


Thanks for creating memorable experience for seniors

"I would like to give a shout-out to Jeannine and Mandy at West Coast Recreation Day Programs in Parksville.  What a wonderful, heartwarming experience we have had.

My mom is 93 years young with some cognitive decline and mobility issues, but is still living at home with some supports.  What she was missing was social interaction with her peers.

In this program mom is greeted with smiles and hugs, hot tea and conversations with people experiencing similar issues.  Each day they begin with fun, gentle exercises and then move into craft creations, singing songs, baking, sharing stories or playing a variety of fun games.  Mom also loves the delicious lunches and snack provided, and at the end of the day she hops into my car with a smile and usually says "what a nice day.  I hope I get to go next week."

The bonus is respite for me, but what a joy to see mom smiling and laughing and looking forward to the next session." - Valerie (The News - Letter to the editor)