West Coast Recreation Society 

Adult Day Program

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Who We are


West Coast Recreation is a small non-profit organization providing social, recreational and therapeutic activities for people experiencing memory loss, communication disorders, social isolation and those with physical or cognitive disabilities.



* Provides an opportunity to interact with peers in a stimulating and therapeutic environment

* Offers respite and support to your family and caregivers.

* Can help you remain independent in the community.

* Creates a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment in a fun and safe environment.

* Promotes physical and cognitive wellness.

Why Should You Go?

Friendly, trained experts who lead the programs make you feel safe and comfortable while you enjoy activities that will get you moving and keep you smiling.

Join a program and experience family-like companionship, mental and physical exercise, as well as fun activities that are tailored to your individual interests and abilities.

While you enjoy time with others, doing activities you enjoy at the Adult Day Program, your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing you're safe and having fun.  They can take time to complete personal tasks and spend time with friends as well.

What is an Adult Day Program

Adult Day Programs provide engaging activities in the community for people with physical or cognitive challenges, as well as people with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.  The programs offer a great opportunity for new friendships and fun.

Activities Offered

-Exercise Programs with a focus on balance and fall prevention
-Art Therapy & Crafts
-Music Programs
-Pet Visits
Gardening Therapy
-Interactive Games
roup Discussions
-Board/card Games
-Cognitive stimulation
-Nutritious meals &       snacks provided